Thursday, May 16, 2013

Initiative's intervention to the event 12 hours for Greece in Brussels

A member of the Solidarity Initiative to the Greek people participated in a debate during the event "12 hours for Greece", on 9 May, alongside Neoliberal pro-austerity figures like MEP Jorgo Chatzimarkaκis and Nikos Yannis, a Commission official.

We reminded the audience of the destruction EU policies have caused in Greece (reduction of life expectancy, increase of infant mortality, doctors and teachers beyond the poverty line, hunger, sell-out of public property, State violence against left-wing opposition) and we made clear that, whoever "worries" about the state of democracy in Greece but doesn't demand the immediate cancelation of the loan agreement and the Memorandum, is just fooling people. Interestingly, other panellists were content to espouse political rhetoric or promote themselves, seemingly out of touch with the reality of the situation.

We also pointed out the contradictions of the event:

"There's a contradiction in the '12h for Greece' event. It is sponsored by the Greek International Business Association and corporations like Aegean and Intrasoft. Last year it was supported by the Greek government, too, through its embassy.
So the same people who promote and apply the policies leading to the radical impoverishment of Greek people are now organising charity for poor kids in Greece.

Bertold Brecht said: "Those who take the meat from the table teach contentment."

The sponsors and organisers of this event support the salary and budget cuts.
Now they are like the executioners that take care of their victims.

As long as we consider unthinkable to default on bankers or governments that imposed odious conditions, but we consider it normal to cut on pensions of 500 euros, weird ironies like today's event will continue to be produced. As long as we don't direct our political activity against the richest 1%, this ruling class will continue exploiting the world.

Join us in the struggle, join the unions, join the Initiative"

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