Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The "Sandwich Protest": Rights for Interns now!

The solidarity initiative to Greece, is a group of young Greeks working and living in Brussels. Some of us being interns ourselves, we attended the 'sandwich protest' for intern conditions at place Luxemburg and want to give support to the continuation of this initiative. 
Many of the interns working in Brussels come from countries hit by the european crisis and extremely high unemployment especially for the youth. The austerity measures make it harder both in their home countries and in Belgium. The employers take advantage of this using internships to get cheap labour or even labour for free and lower wages for all instead of creating decent new job positions.
We should stand together, expatriates or not, for decent work pay and conditions for interns and everybody else.


  1. Thanks for your support! Apologies we did not get to read out your message but we really appreciate your words and you standing alongside us today.

  2. je vous remercie d'information intéressante a été soumis avec succès salutations